Ammonium Persulfate

Ammonium Persulfate

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Ammonium Persulfate

Molecular formula: (NH4)2S2O8
Molecular weight:228.20
Molecular structure:
【Physical and chemical properties】

Ammonium Persulfate is a white single crystal , density 1.98 ,under the 120 ° C wholly decompose, It can be stored for a long time without decomposition when entire desiccation,  It is almost non- hygroscopic, but after hygroscopic effect, it will be gradually decomposed to emit oxygen and ozone. Soluble in water, decomposes when heated, powerful oxidbillity, It is used as chemical reagent, oxidant, bleacher, deodorizer, monomer polymerization initiator. It also has the advantages of convenience for use and safety.


Ammonium Persulfate belongs to non- combustble materials, but because it can release oxygen, so it can help with combustion-supporting effect, and it must be stored in dry and airtight containers to avoid direct sunlight and non-near heat sources. Do not contact with organic matter, rust, small amount of metal and other reducing substances, in order to prevent the decomposition and explosion of ammonium persulfate. Due to the bleaching and slight corrosion of wet ammonium persulfate powder and its aqueous solution, direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing should be avoided during use.


Polymerization:initiators for latex、acrylic monomer polymerization solutions, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, and other products, It is also the initiator for the copolymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene and other colloids.
Metal Treatment:Treatment of metal surfaces (e.g. in semiconductor manufacturing: cleaning and etching of printed circuits).Activation of surfaces for copper and aluminum.
Cosmetics:the essential component of a bleaching formula. 

Textiles:desizing agent and  bleach-- activator-particularly for cold bleaching.

Others:chemical synthesis; water treatment (decontamination); disinfectant;
waste gas treatment; oxidative degradation of harmful substances (e.g. mercury), Paper(modification of starch, re-pulping particularly for cold bleaching) 

【Technical data】

【Packaging】25 kg(N.W.)/ woven bag